“Deoch, my heart is made of stronger stuff than glass. When she strikes she’ll find it strong as iron-bound brass, or gold and adamant together mixed. Don’t think I am unaware, some startled deer to stand transfixed by hunter’s horns. It’s she who should take care, for when she strikes, my heart will make a sound so beautiful and bright that it can’t help but bring her back to me in winged light.”



Blog #9

I’ll cover chapters 60-65 in this post. So it’s admissions again and Kvothe is trying to sell his time slot because he can’t prepare for it. His tuition is set at six talents. Kvothe goes to the Imre to get his lute and is also looking for Denna, but he can’t find her. He then finds Threpe and asks about Denna, but Threpe doesn’t know her. Deoch tells Kvothe that he see’s her on and off because she travels and men always fall for her. After hearing about Denna, he goes to Devi to pay the interest and he notices her great book collection. Devi has an interesting personality and he can’t tell if she’s just being friendly or flirting when she talks to him.  He also pays Kilvin the debt from his materials and Kilvin asks him where he got the money from. Kvothe told him music and Kilvin said, “Music is a find thing but metal lasts.” Kvothe mentally disagrees with him and says, “Metal rusts but music lasts forever.” He then finds an inn that will let him board and two talents a month to play three nights a week. He continues to look for Denna, but can never find her.

Chapter 61 starts off with Ambrose poisoning people of Imre against Kvothe so he can’t get a patron. So then Threpe and Kvothe write a song that says, “A ribald little tune about a donkey that wanted to be an arcanist.” Kvothe then goes to Lorren’s office and he meets Lorren’s Giller, Viari that acquires books from all over the world. Lorren gives Kvothe Rhetoric and Logic back, but does not allow him back in to the Archives until he has demonstrated patience. Ambrose finds out about the song and Kvothe has to make a public apology. They teachers tell Ambrose to stop making such a fuss and Elodin sings the song in front of him because its catchy. Ambrose then buys the inn that Kvothe is staying at and persuades all the inns to not let him stay. The Ankers inn lets Kvothe stay if he plays four nights a week. Kvothe’s apology had to be posted up everywhere and it was very insincere.

Kvothe see’s Denna at Ankers and she asks him to take walk. They begin to flirt and have a conversation about what flower she is like. He picks selas which is both shadow and light. She see’s Kvothe as a willow because it bends to the wind’s desire. He wanted to kiss her but he resisted the pull of her. He then meets up with Wil and Sim and they begin to tease him about Denna. They want Kvothe to tell Denna how he feels about her, but Kvothe says she’s too special and wouldn’t see anything in him. A few days later, he looks for Denna and cannot find her anywhere. Kvothe then shows his journeyman lamp to Kilvin and he admires the workmanship. The lamp cannot be sold because it is like a burglars lamp that only shines light in one direction. He then asks Manet if there’s a secret way to the Archives but he won’t show him. Kvothe takes his lamp, which will help him sneak into the Archives.

Kvothe is drinking with his friends and they refuse to sneak him into the Archives. He then see’s Denna and she looks different because she’s dressed up in a dress. She wants him to buy her dinner when he offers her a drink. They go by a bottle of strawberry wine and a loaf of bread to have a picnic. He begins to talk about the seven words that can make a woman love you, and she asks if that’s why he talks so much. She then brings up how she remembers how they first met because she quotes the seven words he said back then. They begin to talk about her different names she goes by and how she forgot about Denna because she was a silly girl. They plan to meet at noon the next day and Deoch warns him about Denna. He then replies in a proper verse about how he doesn’t need to be warned about her.

Blog #8: Names for Beginning


Kvothe learns sygaldry in seven days when it normally takes other students a whole term to learn. He explains how it can be very complicated and theres a list of rules to follow. We then hear about Auri and she’s in the courtyard listening to him practice the lute. Kvothe is taking many classes, working and practicing the lute which makes him exhausted. His friends notice and they get him to stop working at the Fishery so he can catch up on sleep. He’s pretty upset about it but he doesn’t show it because the Fishery was his only income. In class, Kvothe has a sympathy duel with a student named Fenton and it show’s us how binder’s chills work. Kvothe ended up winning, but he was shaking for a while after the duel.

He begins to speak about Auri and he brings her bread, trying to get her onto the roof. He guesses that she was a student that has gone shy and lives under the University. Kvothe said that it took weeks to get her comfortable with him and they exchange little gifts when they see each other. Elodin teaches Kvothe because of how Kvothe cares about her and he acts more like a human now. He also hears about the Eolian and the talent pipe system. Kvothe decides to try for his pipes and he practices for Auri.

Kvothe walks with Sim and Wil to Imre to the Eolian. He talks to Stanchion and they remind Kvothe that Sir Savien is a very difficult song to sing especially hoping for a random woman to sing Aloine. He is pretty nervous when he goes onto the stage, but he gets over it.  A woman joins as Aloine and two verses from the end, a string breaks. He then begins to play his lute with six strings like how he did when he was a boy in the woods. Once he finishes the song, he breaks down and cries for Savien and Aloine. He looks up and the audience burst into applause.

We find out that the string was broken by Ambrose through sympathy, and people noticed that he ran out when Kvothe finished the song. Kvothe gets his pipes, hangs out with his friends and people give him money and buy him drinks. He then goes to look for “my Aloine” and he finds her and thinks she’s beautiful.

It goes back to the Inn and Kvothe has trouble explaining how Denna is to Bast and Chronicler. He explains how she was unlike anyone and begins to describe everything about her. Chronicler begins to write everything down, but Kvothe gets upset and makes him throw the page away. Then it goes back to the story where he remembers Denna from the caravan less than half a year ago. Now that he figured out she was “my Aloine,” she was with Sovoy and he wonders if she remembers him. He goes up to her and she refuses to give her name, but she does it in a flirty way. She finally gives her name and she says it’s Dianne and he feels awkward and leaves her because she’s with Sovoy and his friends.

That’s it for chapters 51-59! I’m too lazy to label each chapter since there’s 90 chapters to write about. Finally he meets Denna again, even though it was awkward for him! Even though he broke down after his performance, he got the pipes and finally saw the girl he was falling for. Even when he’s retelling this story, you can tell that he’s still in love with her and still can’t describe what she is to him. I enjoyed the book already, but I’m excited to continue to read about Denna and if they’ll start hanging out and continue from where they left off. I don’t know much about Denna, but hopefully she doesn’t cause any trouble and they fall in love. I also want to read more about Auri and how she has helped him be a kinder person. I haven’t really seen that side of him where he cares for a friend that he’ll bring food for and play the lute for her.

Blog #7: Negotiations

I’ll cover chapters 43-50! 

Kvothe goes to the Archives and he see’s Ambrose harassing Fela. He wants to defend her because she looks guilty and ashamed since she’s not doing anything to stop Ambrose. While Ambrose is working on his poetry, Kvothe attacks him for appalling poetry and sexual harassment. When Fela leaves, Ambrose tricks Kvothe to pay a talent for a stack fee and to buy a candle. Kvothe believed him that there were no lamps and Ambrose gives him the candle for free and to keep this secret between them. He has trouble seeing anything with the tiny candle but he still looks for books and this is when he gets caught by a scriv. He is then taken to Lorren and Ambrose acts innocent which causes Kvothe to be banned for the Archives. Kvothe finds out from his friends that there is no stack fee and he wants vengeance. It’s hard to see Kvothe get banned from the Archives because he barely got to look at any books and a noble’s son tricked him and now he’s banned. Even though the nahlrout was wearing off, I think that Kvothe wasn’t as witty as he would be and he would have not fallen for Ambrose’s tricks. He then goes to the Fishery where Kilvin shows him his attempts at ever-burning lamps. William, Sim and Sovoy tell Kvothe that he should find a master so he can become Re’lar. He looks at his options and he’s already on some of the teachers bad sides so he wants Elodin because he wants to learn Names and real magic. 

Then we’re back in the frame after a long time. Chronicler is still writing and Kvothe explains how these are the first stories that were ever told about him. The Chronicler tells Kvothe that stories about him are still going around at the University. Kvothe ends the chapter with the desire to learn the name of the wind. 

Kvothe is going all over to try to find Elodin and once he finds him, he is taken to the Crockery which is the insane asylum where people are driven mad by what they are learning. Elodin shows him some of the people there and he then takes him to the room where he spent two years before he escaped. Elodin gives him three questions and Kvothe answers them very careful. Elodin expalins how he was locked in the tower with nothing and he breaks the wall by saying, “Break.” Kvothe is impressed by the story and Elodin tells him to jump off a roof. Kvothe is pressured and jumps off and he breaks some ribs and dislocated his shoulder. Elodin says thats the most stupidest thing to do and Kvothe decides he doesn’t want to study with him anymore and he became an artificer. 

We’re back to the frame and it’s from Bast and we learn that he wasn’t afraid of anything, but now he’s afraid of silence. He gets scared when Kvothe is silent for seventeen counted breaths. Kvothe says that the story is lacking something and Bast says, “women.” We already know about Denna and Kvothe has trouble describing her. 

Back to his story, he tells us that it is the end of the term and his tuition is three and a bit talents. He’s close to having that amount, but he does not want to borrow the rest from his friends. He then goes to a moneylender in Imre. Her name is Devi and she will lend money to anyone. She then offers him four talents at 50% interest and he has to give some blood as collateral. He refuses and leaves, but then he buys a lute and goes back to Devi and borrows the money. He love’s music so much that he took the risk of giving his blood to Devi and he was happy with his lute. 


Blog #6: Less Talents

I’ll cover chapters 36-42 in this entry!

So I left of with Kvothe leaving Denna and he goes off to the University. Kvothe crosses the bridge from Imre to the University that is made up of 15 buildings. He begins to explain how the buildings look, the Mews had a shape of a compass rose, Hallows had stained glassed windows, Mains were from smaller buildings and the Archives looked like a greystone. He goes into the Archive because he wants to look at some books but then he meets Wilem who tells him to go to Admissions before it is too late.

Kvothe goes to Admissions and impresses the instructors because he knew a lot of the questions they were asking and he was spying on hundreds of students during their admissions. The instructors let him join the University for “less three talents,” where they pay him three talents instead of charging him to attend the school. It was interesting how the University system was because you needed brains or money, and other rich students were being charged a lot for tuition. Lorren asked the question about the fall of Aturan Empire, Elxa Dal’s asked about the synodic period of the moon, Elodin asked the seven words that can make a woman love you. He gets admitted and Kilvin is his official sponsor.

Lorren takes Kvothe to the Bursar and he agree’s to sell Ben’s book back when he has the money and then leaves him with Simmon. We learn that the University terms are two months long and it is one talent for a bunk and three meals a day for the whole term. Simmon introduces Kvothe to Manet and Wilem, who he met at the Archive. They begin to talk about how their tuition is so high. Kvothe goes to the Archives and this is where he meets Ambrose. Ambrose is kind of a jerk and humiliates him. I already knew that Ambrose would be trouble for Kvothe because he is a noble’s son and pretty much stuck up.

It’s Kvothes first day of class and Hemme is one of those professors who like to embarrass people for being late. He assigns reports to the people who show up late. It’s interesting how the ratio of men to women is ten to one and all the women live in one dorm and know each other. Kvothe is smart and tries to tell Hemme that he knows the principle of sympathy, but he brushes him off. He goes back to the Archives and he meets Fela and asks for books on the Chandrian, but gets a children’s book. Kvothe then asks for books on the history and practices of Amyr and Lorren sees him and says he doesn’t want to be seen as childish by looking up these books.

Hemme brings up on a charge of malfeasance because the use of sympathy towards Hemme because he allowed Kvothe to teach the rest of the class. He thought he was going to be whipped and expelled but it wasn’t malfeasance. Kvothe was whipped in front of students and admitted to the Arcanum. He took nahlrout to settle his stomach before he got whipped, but it was actually to endure the pain and prevent bleeding. He took off his shirt because he did not want to ruin one of his only shirts and they are single whips instead of the six strand whip. After the whipping, he goes to Medica and Awryl asks him about nahlrout and no shirt. Kvothe tells Arwyl the truth and Mola stitches him.

Kvothe is already in some trouble at the University. I have a feeling that things will continue because Kvothe cannot stay out trouble sometimes. He is very smart, but he always sticks up for himself no matter what. Now he has to suck up to the professors and get on their good side, since Hemme is already against him.

Blog #5: Denna or the University?

Chapter 30 is called Broken Binding because it refers to the bookshop where Kvothe pawns Rhetoric and Logic for two talents. He also steals three pens and a bottle because he only has 5 days to get to the University. Kvothe takes a bath at an inn and he pretends to be a naked noble’s son to get some new clean clothes. Before he leaves, he tells the innkeeper that he wants a nice inn like that, and now he has the Waystone Inn. He also goes looking for a good pair of shoes and the owner gives him used shoes, so he leaves him some money behind. He goes on a search for a caravan that will bring him to the University. Before they were leaving to travel, he goes to say bye to Trapis who still treats him the same but the kids don’t recognize him because he looks different with his clean clothes.

The journey begins with Kvothe bringing a cloak and travel sack with a needle, thread, salt, spare clothes, tinderbox, and dried apple. Kvothe meets Denna and through his eyes she is a year older than him and she is the most beautiful thing he has seen in three years. Kvothe asks Denna, “I was wondering what you’re doing here.” They begin to talk and she wants him to guess about where she’s going and who she is. We learn that Denna is on the road to Anilin and she’s sixteen and alone. They spend time together and have long talks and he has feelings for her. Another traveller named Josn joins them and Kvothe gets jealous because she’s paying attention to him. Josn has a lute and Kvothe asks to borrow the lute and begins to play. Everyone just watches him and he made an excuse for why he played somebody else’s instrument since your instrument is something so sacred. They finally reach Imre and the Cealdish couple gives him money back. Denna invites him to stay with them and to go to Anilin with her, but he declines. He knows he won’t see her again and he chooses the University over her even though there could have been the possibility of love.

Blog #4: Rhetoric & Logic

Chapter 24 is a short chapter where Kvothe talks about his experience in Tarbean, where he learned begging and lock-picking. He remembers a boy getting beat up by a gang, but Kvothe didn’t help because he would lose all his belongings. Living in Tarbean, he learned that no one will help him and he won’t help others but he wants to. Bast begins to question Kvothe about why he stayed in Tarbean and why didn’t he visit Ben. Pike is one of the teenagers that stole his fathers lute and was a bully when Kvothe first came to Tarbean. He found Pike’s belongings and he got caught by Pike and his friends. They beat Kvothe up, but he ran and he tried to kill Pike with alcohol and a phosphorous match.

Skarpi is an old man that is thin with a dark tan. They said that Skarpi is the one that wakes Kvothe up. He is Chronicler’s colleage, and he goes around collecting stories and telling stories in a tavern in Tarbean. There’s a group of kids that buy Skarpi a drink and Kvothe says he wants to hear the story of Lanre. Skarpi tells the story of Lanre which is a great fighter and Lyra is a great namer. They are married and defending the cities where many people died at the battle. Lanre fought a beast and was killed, but Lyra brought him back to life by the power of naming. Later, Lanre shows up in Myr Tariniel because there are rumors that Lyra is dead. Lanre goes for a walk with Selitos and he binds him with names. Myr Tariniel falls, and Lanre wants to destroy the world because he said he was counted as a good man but he had done this evil thing. He says he is no longer Lanre but Haliax. So Selitos strikes out his own eye, and with the stone and the blood, he curses Lanre/Halix by his inner name. He said may his face always be held in shadow and your own name will be turned against you. This is the end of Haliax and of those who follow him. Kvothe then talks to Skarpi after the story and mentioned his father twice. He asked if the story is true and Skarpi said it really happened, more or less.

From hearing this story, Kvothe connects the Chandrian to it and he wants to get revenge. The Tehlin Inquisition comes into the tabern and denounces Skarpi for heresy and intimidates the innkeeper. Skarpi then says, “You should run, Kvothe” even though Kvothe never told him his name. Kvothe then runs to his hiding place and cries because Skarpi Named Kvothe by using his real name which wakes him up literally. After he stopped crying, he used one of the tricks Ben had taught him but opening the doors of his mind. He begins to remember magic, music, and the Chandrian. He wants to find them and he reads Rhetoric and Logic.

We’ll see if Kvothe learned everything he knew from Ben and maybe he’ll leave to go to the University. Even though Skarpi’s part of the story was very short, he’s an important character because he helps Kvothe make decisions.