Blog #14: The Music that Plays



It’s back in the frame of the Waystone Inn and when Kvothe hears boots approaching, he dashes for the bar. They pretend that Bast is making his will and Chronicler is a scribe. Kvothe brings food and the smith’s prentice brings in an iron bar and Bast moves away. Chronicler begins to tell a version of a story about Kvothe in the alleyway and Cob and all the other guys correct the story. They get into stories about what they know about demons and what happened to Fela during the fire. The story is interrupted because somebody new comes through the door. It’s the mercenary who took Chronicler’s shirt and Bast recognizes what he is, but Chronicler only knows his as a thief. The mercenary’s sword and he says things in old archaic Faen. Kvothe throws a bottle of wine at him and tries to set it on fire with a rune on the counter. It doesn’t work and Kvothe gets weary and numb. Bast tackles the mercenary and Shep is killed. The smith’s prentice kills the mercenary with the iron bar and it takes a lot of effort to kill him. Everyone agrees that he was a denner addict, but the smith’s prentice which is named Aaron and Kvothe agree that he had a demon in him. Kvothe doesn’t believe in demons but he agreed that scrael were demons. Bast says that it’s not Kvothe’s fault, but he says it is because of the scrael and war was started by him. They didn’t know if he was after Kvothe or someone else because the mercenary didn’t attack until they attacked him. Bast is looking at Chroniclers wounded shoulder and he tells him not to ask Kvothe about the sympathy that didn’t work. Kvothe wants to finish the story and the Chronicler wants him to continue. 

Back to the story and Kvothe is whipped and he’s stitched up in the Medica. He then goes to Imre and spends Ambrose’s money on a new lute, new clothes and a small bottle of his own blood. After the whipping, he’s been exploring every night in the Underthing. He finds his way into the Archives and persuades Fela to meet him there to show how everything works. The books are not arranged properly because it takes a long time to organize them since everyone wants the shelving system different. Kvothe still meets Denna in the Eolian but she always has men with her even though he’s special to her. He rips off her name from the note she left him and lets it go through the Halls of the Winds trying to find an exit but it never does. 

It’s back to the frame at the Waystone Inn and Kvothe cleans the bar after the incident with the mercenary. He doesn’t hum or sing and his music is broken as well as his name. Chronicler goes to bed and he can’t really sleep and lights the lamp. Chronicler puts his iron circle back and blocks the door before he goes to bed, but then Bast comes to the window when he was sleeping.  Bast talks to Chronicler about Kvothe not acting himself because he is starting to act like an actual innkeeper even though he came here to hide. Bast says that he’s been sending messages in a bottle hoping that someone will come here and help get Kvothe out of this situation. He doesn’t want Chronicler to ask Kvothe about music or magic and let him talk more on the heroics in his life. He wants Kvothe to get out of this funk and he knows Chronicler can be there to help him by letting him retell his story. Chronicler acts naively about it, so Bast threatens him by swearing by the ever changing moon that he’ll slit him open and splash around in him like a child in a muddle puddle. Even after this threat, he said they can be friends and all he wants is his Reshi back to the way he was. Then it’s the Epilogue where Kvote is sitting in front of his crumpled sheets of memoir.


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