Blog #13

The last entry stopped off where Kvothe killed the draccus with an iron wheel, but then fell out of a tree. Kvothe wakes up and he’s been bandaged and he assesses his wounds because of his Medica training.  He threatens the landlord to bring him what he wants or he will burn the place down.  He gets the stuff and goes back to where he left Denna, but she’s no where to be found. He knows that she thinks he abandoned her and leaves her a noted. In the town, he has to deal with the mayor and they tell him that the draccus was a demon. They dealt with the body as what they would do with demons and they said that the draccus destroyed the farm. He’s pretty upset that they burned the draccus because they could have used the scale for the organic iron. Kvothe tells them that he can ensure their safety if he knows what Mauthen dug up at the farm. Verainia comes and tells him what she saw. She saw a vase with the Chandrian on it and their signs. She explained that there was a woman holding a broken sword, a man next to a dead tree and another man with a dog biting his leg and one with white hair and black eyes. There was a lot of stuff she couldn’t remember but Kvothe gives her a fake charm and says that it will protect her. 

Kvothe returns to the University and of course is in trouble because he left. He then gives Devi the loden stone and one talent and apologizes to everyone else. Only Wil and Sim know most of the truth. Kvothe bumps into Denna in Imre and she’s with a man name Lentaren. He tells her about killing the dragon, but he lost the treasure and girl. They act like they are talking about a story and she says its the not the ending she hoped for, but she expected it. They then say bye to each other and he goes on his way. He mets with Wil and Sim and they say that Denna likes him, but Kvothe doesn’t believe it. This is when Ambrose goes up to Kvothe and grabs his lute. His mind is in two pieces and Ambrose sings a little song. KVothe threatens to kill him if he doesn’t give it back and Ambrose tosses it to him and it falls and breaks. Kvothe speaks the Name of the Wind out of his sleeping mind and without control. He then goes numb and weird and his friends take him to Kilvin. They tell Kilvin what happened and Elodin gets Kvothe back. ELodin whispers what must have been Kvothe’s name and calls him back which makes Kvothe dizzy. 

Kvothe slept for eighteen hours and he takes a bath and eats. Ambrose accused him of malfeasance and Kvothe accuses him of theft, destruction of property and Conduct Unbecoming a member of the Arcanum. He wins on theft and destruction and nearly on Conduct Unbecoming and 4 vote against Ambrose. They vote for Kvothe to take six lashes and to be expelled. Hemme is the only one who votes for suspending the expulsion and Elodin proposes that he’s promoted to Re’lar. The vote is unanimous but for Hemma and Ambrose is pretty upset. Elodin explains how they became E’lir by seeing and Re’lar by speaking and he’ll teach Kvothe about the sleeping mind and names. He also says that when people speak a Name, it is a strong emotion. 

Wil and Sim talk about how Kvothe is going to be whipped, promoted and Ambrose has to get him a new lute. Kvothe meets Auri on the roofs and asks how she has been. He gives her a bottle of honey wine and she gives him a ring that keeps secrets. He asks her to see the Underthing and she has a soft blue green light and they go through ruined machines and underground windows. It gets cut off right there and this is a summary of chapters 82-87!


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