Blog #12: Poison

ImageThis entry will cover chapter 77- 81. Kvothe wakes up and Denna see’s that his hands are skinned and she says, “Your beautiful hands.” Obviously she finds him attractive but he doesn’t get the hint. Denna recognizes the loden stone and they don’t know how it works, but she says that it a brass loden stone would like brass, or copper and zinc. They test the scale of the draccus and they find out that it is organic iron. They go the direction that they saw the blue fire and Kvothe wants the Chandrian and the draccus to be connected, but he knows its not. Kvothe and Denna find the denner grover and figure out that the draccus eats the trees and it’s a drug operation. Denna puts some denner in her mouth and Kvothe starts panicking and gives her charcoal. The charcoal will absorb some of the drug and the rest of the day she starts babbling. They decide to pack the denner resin because it’s very expensive and they can sell it to an apothecary for medical uses. Kvothe realizes that the draccus is addicted to the denner and that he’ll go hurt people and that he has to stop the draccus from destroying the town. 

It’s interesting how Denna is poisoned, but she’s still coming up with ideas of how to kill the Draccus. She want’s to kill it by luring it to jump off a cliff, but they don’t have any rope. He wants to get Denna closer to civilization if she really is poisoned and his idea is to poison the draccus. Since Denna is drugged, she is flirting with Kvothe even more, but he still acts like a gentleman because being Edema Ruh. Denna gets lethargic and she says she has trouble breathing. She begins to tell him that she loves him with “My seven words” and that he never pushed, but he should have pushed at least a little. He remembers that he’s drugged and that he can’t try right now, but he can try another time when it’s appropriate. He’s holding her in his arms and he thinks its the most wonderful moment. Denna then tells him that Master Ash hit her to make her story convincing since she was the only one alive. She said that he made her ask him to hit her and she says that she needs him. Then she falls asleep and says he will protect her. 

Kvothe decides to overdose the draccus with the resin and ball up two thirds of what the had. They bait the draccus with a fire and wait till it arrives. It takes the bait and almost falls asleep, but then the fires from the Trebon’s harvest festival attracts its attention. It starts racing toward the town and Kvothe leaves Denna who is passed out. Kvothe races after it and saves part of the town from fire with sygaldry and sympathy. He climbs the roof and kills the draccus by collapsing the iron wheel from the church.  He looks down at the draccus because he is proud of killing it and then he is knocked unconscious because the roof collapses. 

I like how Kvothe does things because he knows its the right thing to do. He saved the town from being destroyed by the draccus and he left Denna there alone even though he knew she was going to wake up and wonder where he is. They spent so much time with each other trying to find out what exactly happened at the wedding, but of course they go their separate ways and who knows when they’ll see each other again. Reading this section was really interesting because how Kvothe has to think so quick such as giving Denna the charcoal when she took the denner and when the draccus ran towards the town and he used sygaldry and sympathy.


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