Blog #11: One Sock


The last post stops at where Kvothe wants to go to Trebon to find more about the Chandrian. Kvothe is risking everything by borrowing money and abandoning the University. He then goes to a stable to buy a horse quickly. Kvothe wants fast service and he acts like a jerk to the dealer. To try to get a good deal, he acts crazy like the son of a noble and threatens to come and kill the dealer if he sells him a bad horse. Kvothe buys the horse and names him Keth-Selhan in Siaru which stands for twilight. He actually says one sock without knowing it. They ride through a little town and cross a stream and other streams that is smelly from the mine or tannery. They then meet a tinker that has tons of stuff on two donkeys and asks for help. The tinker tries to offer Kvothe everything for the horse, but he bargains for a shirt and rope and gives the tinker the horse. This is where he finds out that the horse does have one sock because it was dyed to trick a buyer. He enters Trebon and goes into a inn and asks the people about the wedding and how he’s worried about his cousin. He’s told that there is a survivor staying upstairs and he see’s that it’s Denna who is hurt. He’s curious of why she’s here because he hasn’t seen her for weeks and she left the note that he didn’t get. She tells him she was at the wedding and she wants to leave the inn.

Denna tries to sneak out of the inn without paying, but of course Kvothe goes back to pay for her. They get a ride on a cart and they head out to the farm because she wants her things that she left at the wedding. He then apologizes for not getting her note and she met someone while she was waiting for Kvothe. She tells him that he’s older and he’s obsessed with his privacy because he wouldn’t give her his real name for a while. Denna talks about how he always has these tests to trick her, like when he got a woman to offer her money for information or when a man threatened her and she knew that it was a test. Back to the wedding, she tells him that she went as a musician and her patron wasn’t there. She tells him that he has a secret way of signaling her and she went off and he left her for a little and that was when the disaster happened.

Denna changes the subject and asks why he’s here and he lies that the University sent him to find out what happens. She knows that he’s lying and he tells her he doesn’t want to lie but he worries about what she would think of the truth. She also lies about nobody attacking her and her injuries were from running into a tree. They walked along the farm and 26 people were dead with a knife and sword. He makes magical fire with sympathy and quotes the Chandrian song. She begins to get pale because she knew what he was implying and she says she believes it. They go down to the river where they meet a pig keeper with an accent. Kvothe fakes an accent and they buy and eat a pig. They pig keeper tells them about the farm that was built and how they found bones and stones and a mysterious heirloom. He also saw blue fire two nights ago. They decide to stay at the top of the highest hill and they make a fire and dinner. They see flashes of blue light and he asks if it’s her patron signaling her. Denna sleeps first because she stops breathing and while Kvothe is sleeping, she wakes him up because she see’s something. They see a dragon climb on top of the greystone. She believes that it’s a dragon and Kvothe explains that it’s a draccus. The run to the top of the stone and the draccus goes to sleep in their fire and Kvothe and Denna fall asleep.



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