Blog #10: Signs of the Chandrian


Kvothe goes to the Fishery before he was supposed to meet up with Denna. The bone tar canister gets too cold and it explodes and causes a fire. He see’s that Fela is in danger, so he uses a binding to break the drench to soak himself. He rescues her successfully and they both are hurt and his set of clothes and shoes are burned. Kvothe limps to Imre to meet up with Denna and he finds out she left with a man. Deoch tells him that the man was white haired and wealthy, which is her type. After leaving, he hears that people are talking about him and how he saved Fela. Kvothe goes back to the Fishery where everything is wrecked, but he continues to make his blue emitters. Kilvin tells him that you should expect a disaster every seven years and he wan’t upset about it happening. Kvothe explains how he got through the fire with Fela and Kilvin explains how he put the fire out through a link. Kilvin then talks about how Elodin knows the Name of fire and there are other people who do. 

After the fire, Kvothe is upset because his poverty and he has lost his clothes and shoes. He buys boots with the money he gets from the emitters. He then meets with Fela in the Eolian and she gives him a cloak. Denna see’s Kvothe putting on the cloak because Fela is embracing him in a romantic way, but he does not chase after her. He begins to think about Auri because she might be hurt from when the bone tar went into the drains. He persuades Mola to come help and she follows him to the rooftops to find Auri.  Auri gives Kvothe a coin and he gives her sea salt, and she tells him that she’s fine from the fire. Mola wants to tell people about Auri, but he thinks its a disaster because she doesn’t want to be around people. Auri won’t even take second hand clothes from Kvothe or anyone because she thinks it’s dirty. 

Back to Imre and he is still trying to find Denna. Deoch tells him that she left town again and he tells him the story of his experiences with Denna two years ago. Deoch told him that women hate Denna because all these men are attracted to her. They say that she must be lonely because she’s always traveling with no friends or family which makes her disappear for months. It’s hard for her to make money, so she uses her charm to get things and she always has to keep moving. On the way home, he gets attacked by people who were paid by Ambrose. They try to kill him and gets cut with knife, but he fights them off with some magnesium shavings and bluff. They become blind and they say they don’t know who they are working for. He then goes home and finds a note from Denna, but it was too late. Kvothe attaches hairs to leaves to make him impossible to find using the magic dowser they have, and the leaves blowing meets Elodin. He then goes home and reads the note. He thinks about how the men might have blood on their knife from his wound, so he puts his bloody shirt into a wine bottle and floats it down the river. 

Kvothe wakes up not knowing where he is, and he’s in a room in some inn in Imre. He went to have breakfast and he hears people talking about the blue fire and how the Chandrian has been in Trebon and killed everyone at the wedding. He asks the innkeepers about Trebon and he finds out it is 70 miles away by road. He goes to see Devi and she cleans up his stitches. There’s a rumor about him being the next Taborlin and Kvothe wants her to spread the rumor that he’ll kill the attackers. He tries to bargain for twenty talents for a horse and he gives up Rhetoric and Logic, his lute, his pipes and promise to getting her into the Archives if he finds a way. 

That’s a summary of chapters 66-70. I was interested in seeing what happens with Kvothe and Denna, but it’s getting pretty annoying how they can never find each other. I can tell that Fela is really interested in him and she begins to start flirting with him. I think that he should get with Fela because she’s smart, she’s a scriv and she sculpts. She even bought him the cloak which had to be very expensive. Denna saw them flirting and of course she left somewhere. He probably won’t see her for a while since he wants to travel to Trebon. I keep forgetting how young Kvothe is and how he seems so much older because what he goes through. Especially getting attacked and now he wants to go find the Chandrian and see what they’re doing. It’s scary because everyone is scared of the Chandrian, but Kvothe wants to go find more about them.


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