I enjoyed the book more than I expected to. Even though it was a long book and I had to cram 5-10 chapters in each blog entry, it wasn’t that bad because I really liked the story. I was not looking forward to reading this book, but now I can’t wait to read  The Wise Man’s Fear during winter break! It was interesting how the book ended with Bast threatening Chronicler because he obviously cares for Kvothe and has know him long enough to know how he should really act. I also expected that nothing was going to happen with Denna at the end of the book because it’s been like that ever since she was introduced to the book. I can’t wait to read more about the Chandrian and hear the rest of Kvothe’s stories. Overall, I recommend this book and it kept me entertained the whole time. 


Blog #14: The Music that Plays



It’s back in the frame of the Waystone Inn and when Kvothe hears boots approaching, he dashes for the bar. They pretend that Bast is making his will and Chronicler is a scribe. Kvothe brings food and the smith’s prentice brings in an iron bar and Bast moves away. Chronicler begins to tell a version of a story about Kvothe in the alleyway and Cob and all the other guys correct the story. They get into stories about what they know about demons and what happened to Fela during the fire. The story is interrupted because somebody new comes through the door. It’s the mercenary who took Chronicler’s shirt and Bast recognizes what he is, but Chronicler only knows his as a thief. The mercenary’s sword and he says things in old archaic Faen. Kvothe throws a bottle of wine at him and tries to set it on fire with a rune on the counter. It doesn’t work and Kvothe gets weary and numb. Bast tackles the mercenary and Shep is killed. The smith’s prentice kills the mercenary with the iron bar and it takes a lot of effort to kill him. Everyone agrees that he was a denner addict, but the smith’s prentice which is named Aaron and Kvothe agree that he had a demon in him. Kvothe doesn’t believe in demons but he agreed that scrael were demons. Bast says that it’s not Kvothe’s fault, but he says it is because of the scrael and war was started by him. They didn’t know if he was after Kvothe or someone else because the mercenary didn’t attack until they attacked him. Bast is looking at Chroniclers wounded shoulder and he tells him not to ask Kvothe about the sympathy that didn’t work. Kvothe wants to finish the story and the Chronicler wants him to continue. 

Back to the story and Kvothe is whipped and he’s stitched up in the Medica. He then goes to Imre and spends Ambrose’s money on a new lute, new clothes and a small bottle of his own blood. After the whipping, he’s been exploring every night in the Underthing. He finds his way into the Archives and persuades Fela to meet him there to show how everything works. The books are not arranged properly because it takes a long time to organize them since everyone wants the shelving system different. Kvothe still meets Denna in the Eolian but she always has men with her even though he’s special to her. He rips off her name from the note she left him and lets it go through the Halls of the Winds trying to find an exit but it never does. 

It’s back to the frame at the Waystone Inn and Kvothe cleans the bar after the incident with the mercenary. He doesn’t hum or sing and his music is broken as well as his name. Chronicler goes to bed and he can’t really sleep and lights the lamp. Chronicler puts his iron circle back and blocks the door before he goes to bed, but then Bast comes to the window when he was sleeping.  Bast talks to Chronicler about Kvothe not acting himself because he is starting to act like an actual innkeeper even though he came here to hide. Bast says that he’s been sending messages in a bottle hoping that someone will come here and help get Kvothe out of this situation. He doesn’t want Chronicler to ask Kvothe about music or magic and let him talk more on the heroics in his life. He wants Kvothe to get out of this funk and he knows Chronicler can be there to help him by letting him retell his story. Chronicler acts naively about it, so Bast threatens him by swearing by the ever changing moon that he’ll slit him open and splash around in him like a child in a muddle puddle. Even after this threat, he said they can be friends and all he wants is his Reshi back to the way he was. Then it’s the Epilogue where Kvote is sitting in front of his crumpled sheets of memoir.

“It is a word. …

“It is a word. Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. There are seven words that will make a person love you. There are ten words that will break a strong man’s will. But a word is nothing but a painting of a fire. A name is the fire itself.”


Blog #13

The last entry stopped off where Kvothe killed the draccus with an iron wheel, but then fell out of a tree. Kvothe wakes up and he’s been bandaged and he assesses his wounds because of his Medica training.  He threatens the landlord to bring him what he wants or he will burn the place down.  He gets the stuff and goes back to where he left Denna, but she’s no where to be found. He knows that she thinks he abandoned her and leaves her a noted. In the town, he has to deal with the mayor and they tell him that the draccus was a demon. They dealt with the body as what they would do with demons and they said that the draccus destroyed the farm. He’s pretty upset that they burned the draccus because they could have used the scale for the organic iron. Kvothe tells them that he can ensure their safety if he knows what Mauthen dug up at the farm. Verainia comes and tells him what she saw. She saw a vase with the Chandrian on it and their signs. She explained that there was a woman holding a broken sword, a man next to a dead tree and another man with a dog biting his leg and one with white hair and black eyes. There was a lot of stuff she couldn’t remember but Kvothe gives her a fake charm and says that it will protect her. 

Kvothe returns to the University and of course is in trouble because he left. He then gives Devi the loden stone and one talent and apologizes to everyone else. Only Wil and Sim know most of the truth. Kvothe bumps into Denna in Imre and she’s with a man name Lentaren. He tells her about killing the dragon, but he lost the treasure and girl. They act like they are talking about a story and she says its the not the ending she hoped for, but she expected it. They then say bye to each other and he goes on his way. He mets with Wil and Sim and they say that Denna likes him, but Kvothe doesn’t believe it. This is when Ambrose goes up to Kvothe and grabs his lute. His mind is in two pieces and Ambrose sings a little song. KVothe threatens to kill him if he doesn’t give it back and Ambrose tosses it to him and it falls and breaks. Kvothe speaks the Name of the Wind out of his sleeping mind and without control. He then goes numb and weird and his friends take him to Kilvin. They tell Kilvin what happened and Elodin gets Kvothe back. ELodin whispers what must have been Kvothe’s name and calls him back which makes Kvothe dizzy. 

Kvothe slept for eighteen hours and he takes a bath and eats. Ambrose accused him of malfeasance and Kvothe accuses him of theft, destruction of property and Conduct Unbecoming a member of the Arcanum. He wins on theft and destruction and nearly on Conduct Unbecoming and 4 vote against Ambrose. They vote for Kvothe to take six lashes and to be expelled. Hemme is the only one who votes for suspending the expulsion and Elodin proposes that he’s promoted to Re’lar. The vote is unanimous but for Hemma and Ambrose is pretty upset. Elodin explains how they became E’lir by seeing and Re’lar by speaking and he’ll teach Kvothe about the sleeping mind and names. He also says that when people speak a Name, it is a strong emotion. 

Wil and Sim talk about how Kvothe is going to be whipped, promoted and Ambrose has to get him a new lute. Kvothe meets Auri on the roofs and asks how she has been. He gives her a bottle of honey wine and she gives him a ring that keeps secrets. He asks her to see the Underthing and she has a soft blue green light and they go through ruined machines and underground windows. It gets cut off right there and this is a summary of chapters 82-87!

Blog #12: Poison

ImageThis entry will cover chapter 77- 81. Kvothe wakes up and Denna see’s that his hands are skinned and she says, “Your beautiful hands.” Obviously she finds him attractive but he doesn’t get the hint. Denna recognizes the loden stone and they don’t know how it works, but she says that it a brass loden stone would like brass, or copper and zinc. They test the scale of the draccus and they find out that it is organic iron. They go the direction that they saw the blue fire and Kvothe wants the Chandrian and the draccus to be connected, but he knows its not. Kvothe and Denna find the denner grover and figure out that the draccus eats the trees and it’s a drug operation. Denna puts some denner in her mouth and Kvothe starts panicking and gives her charcoal. The charcoal will absorb some of the drug and the rest of the day she starts babbling. They decide to pack the denner resin because it’s very expensive and they can sell it to an apothecary for medical uses. Kvothe realizes that the draccus is addicted to the denner and that he’ll go hurt people and that he has to stop the draccus from destroying the town. 

It’s interesting how Denna is poisoned, but she’s still coming up with ideas of how to kill the Draccus. She want’s to kill it by luring it to jump off a cliff, but they don’t have any rope. He wants to get Denna closer to civilization if she really is poisoned and his idea is to poison the draccus. Since Denna is drugged, she is flirting with Kvothe even more, but he still acts like a gentleman because being Edema Ruh. Denna gets lethargic and she says she has trouble breathing. She begins to tell him that she loves him with “My seven words” and that he never pushed, but he should have pushed at least a little. He remembers that he’s drugged and that he can’t try right now, but he can try another time when it’s appropriate. He’s holding her in his arms and he thinks its the most wonderful moment. Denna then tells him that Master Ash hit her to make her story convincing since she was the only one alive. She said that he made her ask him to hit her and she says that she needs him. Then she falls asleep and says he will protect her. 

Kvothe decides to overdose the draccus with the resin and ball up two thirds of what the had. They bait the draccus with a fire and wait till it arrives. It takes the bait and almost falls asleep, but then the fires from the Trebon’s harvest festival attracts its attention. It starts racing toward the town and Kvothe leaves Denna who is passed out. Kvothe races after it and saves part of the town from fire with sygaldry and sympathy. He climbs the roof and kills the draccus by collapsing the iron wheel from the church.  He looks down at the draccus because he is proud of killing it and then he is knocked unconscious because the roof collapses. 

I like how Kvothe does things because he knows its the right thing to do. He saved the town from being destroyed by the draccus and he left Denna there alone even though he knew she was going to wake up and wonder where he is. They spent so much time with each other trying to find out what exactly happened at the wedding, but of course they go their separate ways and who knows when they’ll see each other again. Reading this section was really interesting because how Kvothe has to think so quick such as giving Denna the charcoal when she took the denner and when the draccus ran towards the town and he used sygaldry and sympathy.

Blog #11: One Sock


The last post stops at where Kvothe wants to go to Trebon to find more about the Chandrian. Kvothe is risking everything by borrowing money and abandoning the University. He then goes to a stable to buy a horse quickly. Kvothe wants fast service and he acts like a jerk to the dealer. To try to get a good deal, he acts crazy like the son of a noble and threatens to come and kill the dealer if he sells him a bad horse. Kvothe buys the horse and names him Keth-Selhan in Siaru which stands for twilight. He actually says one sock without knowing it. They ride through a little town and cross a stream and other streams that is smelly from the mine or tannery. They then meet a tinker that has tons of stuff on two donkeys and asks for help. The tinker tries to offer Kvothe everything for the horse, but he bargains for a shirt and rope and gives the tinker the horse. This is where he finds out that the horse does have one sock because it was dyed to trick a buyer. He enters Trebon and goes into a inn and asks the people about the wedding and how he’s worried about his cousin. He’s told that there is a survivor staying upstairs and he see’s that it’s Denna who is hurt. He’s curious of why she’s here because he hasn’t seen her for weeks and she left the note that he didn’t get. She tells him she was at the wedding and she wants to leave the inn.

Denna tries to sneak out of the inn without paying, but of course Kvothe goes back to pay for her. They get a ride on a cart and they head out to the farm because she wants her things that she left at the wedding. He then apologizes for not getting her note and she met someone while she was waiting for Kvothe. She tells him that he’s older and he’s obsessed with his privacy because he wouldn’t give her his real name for a while. Denna talks about how he always has these tests to trick her, like when he got a woman to offer her money for information or when a man threatened her and she knew that it was a test. Back to the wedding, she tells him that she went as a musician and her patron wasn’t there. She tells him that he has a secret way of signaling her and she went off and he left her for a little and that was when the disaster happened.

Denna changes the subject and asks why he’s here and he lies that the University sent him to find out what happens. She knows that he’s lying and he tells her he doesn’t want to lie but he worries about what she would think of the truth. She also lies about nobody attacking her and her injuries were from running into a tree. They walked along the farm and 26 people were dead with a knife and sword. He makes magical fire with sympathy and quotes the Chandrian song. She begins to get pale because she knew what he was implying and she says she believes it. They go down to the river where they meet a pig keeper with an accent. Kvothe fakes an accent and they buy and eat a pig. They pig keeper tells them about the farm that was built and how they found bones and stones and a mysterious heirloom. He also saw blue fire two nights ago. They decide to stay at the top of the highest hill and they make a fire and dinner. They see flashes of blue light and he asks if it’s her patron signaling her. Denna sleeps first because she stops breathing and while Kvothe is sleeping, she wakes him up because she see’s something. They see a dragon climb on top of the greystone. She believes that it’s a dragon and Kvothe explains that it’s a draccus. The run to the top of the stone and the draccus goes to sleep in their fire and Kvothe and Denna fall asleep.


Blog #10: Signs of the Chandrian


Kvothe goes to the Fishery before he was supposed to meet up with Denna. The bone tar canister gets too cold and it explodes and causes a fire. He see’s that Fela is in danger, so he uses a binding to break the drench to soak himself. He rescues her successfully and they both are hurt and his set of clothes and shoes are burned. Kvothe limps to Imre to meet up with Denna and he finds out she left with a man. Deoch tells him that the man was white haired and wealthy, which is her type. After leaving, he hears that people are talking about him and how he saved Fela. Kvothe goes back to the Fishery where everything is wrecked, but he continues to make his blue emitters. Kilvin tells him that you should expect a disaster every seven years and he wan’t upset about it happening. Kvothe explains how he got through the fire with Fela and Kilvin explains how he put the fire out through a link. Kilvin then talks about how Elodin knows the Name of fire and there are other people who do. 

After the fire, Kvothe is upset because his poverty and he has lost his clothes and shoes. He buys boots with the money he gets from the emitters. He then meets with Fela in the Eolian and she gives him a cloak. Denna see’s Kvothe putting on the cloak because Fela is embracing him in a romantic way, but he does not chase after her. He begins to think about Auri because she might be hurt from when the bone tar went into the drains. He persuades Mola to come help and she follows him to the rooftops to find Auri.  Auri gives Kvothe a coin and he gives her sea salt, and she tells him that she’s fine from the fire. Mola wants to tell people about Auri, but he thinks its a disaster because she doesn’t want to be around people. Auri won’t even take second hand clothes from Kvothe or anyone because she thinks it’s dirty. 

Back to Imre and he is still trying to find Denna. Deoch tells him that she left town again and he tells him the story of his experiences with Denna two years ago. Deoch told him that women hate Denna because all these men are attracted to her. They say that she must be lonely because she’s always traveling with no friends or family which makes her disappear for months. It’s hard for her to make money, so she uses her charm to get things and she always has to keep moving. On the way home, he gets attacked by people who were paid by Ambrose. They try to kill him and gets cut with knife, but he fights them off with some magnesium shavings and bluff. They become blind and they say they don’t know who they are working for. He then goes home and finds a note from Denna, but it was too late. Kvothe attaches hairs to leaves to make him impossible to find using the magic dowser they have, and the leaves blowing meets Elodin. He then goes home and reads the note. He thinks about how the men might have blood on their knife from his wound, so he puts his bloody shirt into a wine bottle and floats it down the river. 

Kvothe wakes up not knowing where he is, and he’s in a room in some inn in Imre. He went to have breakfast and he hears people talking about the blue fire and how the Chandrian has been in Trebon and killed everyone at the wedding. He asks the innkeepers about Trebon and he finds out it is 70 miles away by road. He goes to see Devi and she cleans up his stitches. There’s a rumor about him being the next Taborlin and Kvothe wants her to spread the rumor that he’ll kill the attackers. He tries to bargain for twenty talents for a horse and he gives up Rhetoric and Logic, his lute, his pipes and promise to getting her into the Archives if he finds a way. 

That’s a summary of chapters 66-70. I was interested in seeing what happens with Kvothe and Denna, but it’s getting pretty annoying how they can never find each other. I can tell that Fela is really interested in him and she begins to start flirting with him. I think that he should get with Fela because she’s smart, she’s a scriv and she sculpts. She even bought him the cloak which had to be very expensive. Denna saw them flirting and of course she left somewhere. He probably won’t see her for a while since he wants to travel to Trebon. I keep forgetting how young Kvothe is and how he seems so much older because what he goes through. Especially getting attacked and now he wants to go find the Chandrian and see what they’re doing. It’s scary because everyone is scared of the Chandrian, but Kvothe wants to go find more about them.